Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our New Home

We have arrived! The Mile High City is now considered home. These beautiful souls, Bob and Nancy, took their blessed 2000 Odyssey on an epic journey, bringing what would fit of our meager belongings in the cavity of the van. Mom has always been up for adventures, and she made sure to call along the way here to let us know  the botany of Colorado, the geography of the Denver area, and the local site-seeing attractions, including the Molly Brown Mansion:

We did some botany sighting of our own with my dad while Mom went to dinner with her high school friends, finding ourselves at the Denver Botanic Gardens on "free day." This lovely bush is called Darwin's Joyce.

We actually did not tour the Molly Brown Mansion as the picture above may allude to, because, well, we have our own Molly Brown mansion. The place we're subletting for the next two months is owned by a lady named Molly Brown. I was disappointed to learn that Molly is not her real first name, thinking it was too good to be true, until I learned that the unsinkable Molly Brown's real name was Margaret.

I'll take you on a small tour of our rented M.A.S.H.:

Meet our newest additions, Nellie and Nick. Both seem to believe that this bed is their bed. I was fine to let them think that, but Tyler has been teaching them several times a night that if they break through the barricaded door, they will end up on his wrong side of the bed ;)

 This is the bathroom shower curtain. I never knew how fun it was to look at the world when doing your business. Did you know that there is a Prince Edward Island owned by South Africa?

Here's the Mansion proper, aka the living room/dining room. Molly and Eric left wonderful books to peruse, including American Test Kitchen recipes for me and Mammals of Colorado for Tyler. Scratch that. All the books are for Tyler.

We really love the gas stove top and all the awesome cookware the Browns are graciously letting us use. As we got rid of all our old cookware, we are getting ample time to know the joys of All-Clad pots, double broilers, and dutch oven cookware.

Like I said, we've arrived. Adjusting takes time. The sun has been shining. none. stop. It's hot, quite frankly. This is the best time of year to be in Portland--we miss the green and the cool. One thing Denver has that Portland was missing are streets have the same names and go on forever, rather than Portland's meandering streets that never lead to the place you thought. In all that meandering, we found some real treasures.

There are treasures here, too. Tyler's medical school campus is gigantic and quite impressive. I'm glad he's the one starting school. We will adjust. This is our new home. It almost feels like it.


  1. I love this. Thanks for the link Sun.

  2. So, I've just caught up on the last several weeks of blog updates...and I LOVED Tyler's break-down of the concert, and I teared up over Sundy's "lasts" post about Portland. I enjoyed reading about your last few days in Colorado...can't wait to hear more. I'm sad you guys aren't in Portland anymore.... But I'm happy to know that, in my heart, you always have a home...and I know I always have a home in your hearts. :)