Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home on the Farm

Sundy and I spent the last week with my family on our farm in Benjamin, Utah. It was an idyllic week, full of nostalgia and good times - green apples, swimming in the irrigation pool, camping, horseback riding, ball games. Like being a kid again.

That's my sister Marissa looking towards the camera playing 3rd base. Baseball  and softball run in my family's blood - though for some reason I was passed by.

The Peterson family (my in-laws): Paul, Sundy, Bob (holding Precious), Nancy, and Lacey on the 4th of July (don't they look patriotic?)

Sundy's first time on a horse. A few minutes after this photo, the horse (Thunder) showed her how much he appreciated her by stepping on her foot.

At Stuart Falls (left to right: Kyle, Kristin, Marissa, Sundy, and me, the awkward one in cutoffs with my pocket hanging out (that's the pocket the picture-taking phone came out of)). We went camping up Provo Canyon, and got a sweet deal: my aunt LuAnn and sister BreAnn drove our meals up to us each day.

Me and my bros Collin and Sage.
This next week we will be spending with Sundy's family in Orem. More Utah adventures to come...

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