Sunday, July 15, 2012


Marissa is my youngest sibling, 10 years' worth of energy and twice that of spunk. She played in the state softball tournament last week. In the games we watched, she got three hits, one of which resulted in 2 RBIs and another that got her on base. In an age group where three-fourths of the at-bats end in walks or strikeouts, that's not too shabby. Of course, she comes from a baseball family - her brother Seth still holds the Utah state record for stolen bases.

Sundy and I have had a lot of fun with her this last week. I share the following with her permission:

Experience 1: While visiting our grandpa, Marissa kept vying for my attention. Finally, feeling a bit exasperated, I pulled an elastic band out of her hair.

Marissa: Hey, that's annoying!

Me: Call it karma.

Marissa: Hey, that's karma!

Experience 2: Marissa was playing with Sundy's phone, thinking it was mine. She sent a text to the number labeled "Mom" in the contacts: "Poopy :)"

Only the text went to Sundy's mom, not Marissa's.

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