Monday, October 8, 2012

Of Late in Aurora

It's been some time since an Anderson family update, so I thought I'd skip the gimmics of writing a real blog post (the Sundy, heart-felt, drawn-out kind), and just give some bullet points.

* As announced on my personal blog, I am pregnant. I'll be 18 weeks this week, have had a surgery to hopefully keep this baby sewn in until 37 weeks, and will be finding out the gender of the baby on Oct 26th!

* Tyler is passing his anatomy class (don't let his next blog post fool you--he is still a smart man, even though anatomy is a kick in the pants for sure).

* Tyler got called as our ward's Ward Mission Leader, and we LOVE having the missionaries in our home weekly.

* I got a job last week as a before and after school leader at a Title 1 elementary school in town. Of the 50+ children in our program, only 7 live with both of their parents. Let's just say there are a lot of emotional and behavioral issues. Some of these children are at school for 12 hours a day. Wow. It's not quite my counseling field, but my skills learned in play therapy for the last two years are actually quite helpful.

* We had our first snow-fall last week. I enjoyed watching kids build tiny snowmen with the skiff of snow in the October sunshine. I'm kinda digging this fall sunshine thing. Denver may have something on Portland after all :).

* Our good friends from our ward and medical school invited us up to Matt's family's cabin to watch General Conference. SO fun to be with a family in the mountains feeling the love of God.

Life is good. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to have another opportunity to have a baby. We sometimes wonder what it would be like to be more than S & T. The prospect is dizzying. Love to you all :)

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