Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cats, Cars, and Colorado

Two weeks ago, while Tyler was busy studying anatomy, I was given the opportunity to ride back to Utah with my grandparents to see my family for a short 5 day stay. I left my dear one and got to attend a family reunion of sorts with my dad's side of the family. The road trip was long but it was worth to see loved ones.

Conveniently, my dad's youngest brother Glen and my Aunt Karen were driving through Colorado from Utah back to Virginia (wow, what a trip!) and were able to give me a lift back to Denver after my stay in Utah. Inconveniently, their trusty Toyota Sienna van broke down (actually completely died) just five miles outside of Vail, Colorado. Normally, I'm sure most would consider Vail an ideal vacation destination, but for a family who had already been on the road for three weeks, this was not ideal.
Here's some footage of Karen trying to get cell phone coverage in the frosty Colorado air while my 7-year old cousin Joseph kept saying things like "this is a situation." Here's me smiling at the craziness of at all :)
 AAA gave Karen the phone number to a taxi service to pick us up and take us back to Vail, but because Karen could not be more specific than "we are at mile marker 185.5 about 5 miles west of Vail on I-70," the taxi would not come pick us up. Fortunately, the tow truck driver was completely comfortable with breaking AAA rules and let us ride in the van on the tow truck back to town, as seen here:
Here's cousin Isaac being cool as a cucumber while Glen and Karen brace themselves for the future.
By 10 pm, this little caravan was eating pub food at a local bar, settled into the reality that we'd be staying the night and not leaving with the van in the morning. The only person with a real appetite was little Joseph, shown here with his burger:

 We made it to Denver, and the Petersons made it back to Virginia in a rental van. Waiting for me were two happy kitties, who had been banned from the bed while I was away:

 (Insert my body between these two lovies and you've got yourself a classic Sundy morning ;).
We have moved into our new house, and I am missing Nick (above) and Nellie (below) like crazy. I am, for the first and only time in my existence, a crazy cat lady.
Apparently, Tyler missed me. I sure missed him. Colorado is turning out to be quite an adjustment for me. I can do anything with him by my side (especially since the cats are no longer by my side).

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