Tuesday, September 3, 2013

6 Months of Claira Jane

Half a year ago (to the hour), our darling daughter made her way into the world in 4 hours from water breaking to delivery. Since then, we have been involved in the most life-changing experience to grace the human race; parenthood. What a delightful ride it has been!

She has changed so much. She has changed us. We are much more aware of how little we know about raising children, much more aware of how much our own parents have sacrificed for us, and much more in need of sleep than ever before.

She sits up. 
She laughs. 
She has an incredible smile that we reminisce about when she is sleeping. 
We love to watch her sleep. 
We love to go get her when she wakes up.
Her favorite thing is for her dad to hold her, dancing, while her mom dances beside them both, everyone singing together. 
She has us smiling until it hurts.
We are forever blessed and forever grateful.

Claira Jane, you are music and light and goodness in a 16 pound body. Thanks for coming to us, for making it here and filling our lives with simple, abiding joy. We love you more each day of your dear life:
One month
Two months

Three months

Four months

Five months

Six months


  1. Oh, your words seal the joy deep down!

  2. I love how you treasure that child. She's been given to the best treasure keepers around. Your post made me tear up.