Monday, February 25, 2013

Cerclage Removal

The day is here--the day the stitches come out and labor could happen any time. In an hour and I half I will be able to bear a baby girl. The question is. . . when will she come?

The stories on the internet are endless in detail and what might be. Some women go straight into labor, but not many. Some women go into labor within 72 hours. Some women have so much scar tissue from the stitches that they end up having to be induced or have a c-section.

What will our lot be? I'm clueless, at least for the moment. I'm hoping to glean some bets from my perinatologist this afternoon, or at least a 3-D ultra sound :).

Tyler will be in attendance this afternoon. He has been planning how we will get downtown to the hospital in time from his dermatology lab for over a month know. My mom has her plane ticket booked and will keep moving the plans around until Claira arrives. I hear concern in the voices of those I love when I talk about this procedure, and Tyler asks me if I am nervous.

What I am is excited! I doubt I will go into labor this afternoon, but the fact is, labor is a very real, like 100% possibility with the stitches out. How incredibly mind-boggling. I posted a comparison picture on facebook of my 37 week belly verses 30 week belly. As one commentor expressed, "that baby did some serious growing!" Agreed. Neither my nurse midwife nor my OB think she'll be hanging on until her due date, March 15th. I'm curious if the peri will have any thoughts.

The nursery is so close to being finished I can hardly wait to post pictures, but I will, because it is darling. We've worked hard. We are so excited. We are so blessed and happy and grateful.


  1. I've been wondering about you. What a happy day to finally check your blog. So thrilled for you and can't wait to see further updates. I admit that when I am ashamedly less-than-patient with one of my boys, I sometimes imagine how you would be as his mother and try to remember how much I truly cherish him. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I loved Tyler's comments and baby-in-the-mother drawing too. :)

  2. SO SO SO exciting, Sund! Can't wait to see your sweet little girl! Be sure to indulge all of us with pictures once she's here!

  3. Good lucky Sundy!!!! I am SO happy for you and I just can't wait to see pictures. Send them along as soon as it all happens :)