Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 Weeks

Last week, we got back from our Christmas trip to Utah and realized something: Sundy is now 30 weeks pregnant. As it has been filled with uncertainty from the beginning, this pregnancy has seemed at times to progress at an excruciatingly slow rate. The second trimester, especially, lasted forever.

Hitting 30 weeks, then, is a big deal. Right now, our little girl weighs 3 pounds. Her lungs are functional, if not fully mature. Her heartrate is around 150 beats per minute, and she is an active little chick (maybe a future tennis player?) - I've felt and even seen her trying to punch and kick her way out of the womb multiple times. In seven short more weeks (after I've made it through only two more exams), she will be considered full term. Our pregnancy is looking more and more like it's turning into parenthood.

Which carries with it another set of anxieties. As much as we like to think we've done to be ready as parents, we still feel woefully unprepared. Even after watching diaper-change instructional Youtube videos, Duntson Baby Language DVDs, and weekly parenting examples during sacrament meeting, even after Sundy completing a master's degree in family therapy and counseling multiple children and me with 18 years of experience babysitting 5 younger siblings, Sundy and I are not quite sure we know what kind of parents we'll be.

But we're doing what we can to be prepared. Including organizing the nursery (though there's still more work to be done...):

10 more weeks (cerclage coming out on February 25)!


  1. I have no doubts whatsoever you two will be stellar parents! I think you already are and you always have been.

  2. I can't think of 2 people more prepared for parenthood. You will be awesome!
    Love you both!