Sunday, August 12, 2012

White Coat

August 10, 2012--a day to go down in history. Tyler was inducted into medical school with the University of Colorado's official White Coat Ceremony. I must admit, the last 4 years of pain-staking frustrations, work, and determination (mostly on Tyler's part but some on mine, too) made this day a sacred experience.

We (all the families of the 157 new students) sat in the heat of the Colorado morning sun as we heard from the Dean of the School of Medicine and numerous other impressive people who do impressive things, just waiting for the moment when our special student crossed the stage to be handed their first stethoscope and helped into the blessed, crisp and clean coat of medicine. 

Here is a picture of Tyler, eagerly handing his coat to the good doctor (he never was a fan of public attention):
 Here he is walking to sign the honor code in his new coat:
 It didn't all hit me until I got a view of him from the front, stethoscope hanging naturally around his neck, that he made it: he fought for it, and he is here. I am grateful for my sunglasses that hid my tears and that I could keep my sobs silent.
(He is so classy, he even thought to match his tie to the chairs).

I know this is just the beginning, but like the speaker who challenged the students to continue finding the joy in their journey, I believe in this doctor-to-be, in his capacity to show mix compassion with integrity. We'll have bumps and hard times for sure, but this moment was surreal, one that assures me that God hears prayers and rewards the efforts of those who don't give up.
P.S.-- This campus used to be an old Army base which housed the Fitzsimmons Hospital. That hospital is now the administration building. It was the only building I recognized, from about 25 years ago, when Lacey Jean was born. Here's to Lacey's birthplace! Good things happen in Aurora :).


  1. Yea for Tyler!! (and you too!!!)

  2. Congrats! Long road ahead but pretty soon you'll be saying the same thing here (it was a long four years but he did it!). Hang it there because it will be a ride for you as well.

  3. Congrats. We miss you terribly but know that you are living you dream. Good luck.